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Women in black short with language stating welcome to our team.  Alisha Mitchell loves camping with her family.  She has two girls that attend Linden Community Schools.  They love hiking, being outdoors and spending time with their dog Lulu.  She said she loves watching children become their own indiviudals and watching a child learn unfamiliar things is rewarding.  She loves Linden and her fiance' grew up here, and she likes the small/close community.
women with floral shirt with black and red background and wording "Gwen Fannon has an  Associates in Early Childhood Development.  She is married to her best friend Rich.  She has three children ranging in age from 13-27.  She loves working with young children and their familes.  She believes learning is fun & exciting, and being a part of the children's first adventure in education is so special.  Gwen loves to travel up north, spend time on their boat, shopping for vintage teasures, gardening , spending time with her family & friends and her mini Schnauzer named Pearl.  We asked, "Why have you chosen Linden?"  Her response, "I have chosen Linden because of the wonderful reputation of the early childhood program."
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