Pictures of downtown Linden with the words "We Heart Linden"
Argentine Director Erin Bradley: a woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a black sweater
snow day
five children dancing next to each other with two snowmen dancing along
Welcome to the newest member of our team... Erin Bradley Early Childhood Director Erin Bradley holds a School Administrator Certificate and a Professional Teaching Certificate. She also has a Master’s Degree in Special Education. Erin has three children; Mackenzie, Cameron, and Landon. She loves music, travel, and water skiing. She is a Silver Lake Ski Team driver and has worked in education for 23 years. We asked why she decided to work with students and she replied, “I love knowing that my work positively impacts young children and their families for years to come. My mom was a teacher for 40 years and my dad served on Fenton’s Board of Education for several years.”
Dec 1 Parade in downtown Linden 7:00 PM  Faculty Follies 12-7
Linden Faculty Follies!  Lnden Staff will be performing Thursday, December 7
Welcome to the newest member of our team... Danielle Loynes School Nurse L I N D E N C O M M U N ITY S C H O O L S L I N D E N C O M M U N ITY S C H O O L S Danielle Loynes earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from U of M - Flint. We asked why she wanted to work in our district with students and she said, “I have always enjoyed being around kids. I love how their minds work, watching their excitement, helping them, and watching them grow.” She has two children who keep her busy with multiple sports, and they have a Yorkie named Regiie. She loves to spend time with her family and friends. She also enjoys being outside in the summer and vacationing. #LINDENEAGLETEAM
Argentine Elementary Early Childhood Center
Parent  meeting Friday September 22  10:00 AM-11:00
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Argentine Early Childhood Center
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Phase 1 Celebration
attention please call the cell number at 810-869-5864